Alexander Johannesen

Hi, I'm Alex

Alexander Johannesen
User Experience wrangler - User Interface chef - Usability wonk
Kiama Downs NSW 2533
for hire mostly around Sydney - Wollongong - Antarctica
044 9525 011
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IMAGE: Canola fields near Oberon, NSW, Australia, 2015


2016 November

Velvet Onion

Helping out the cool Velvet Onion guys with a third-party big banking client with ideation, personas, research and workshops. Just been cancelled, so call me now!

2016 September


eConnect online forms where I did project management, visiting mobile interviews, facilitation, and analysis, reporting and design.

2016 July/August

FACS Housing

Large-scale tests where I did planning, scripting, project management, interviews, facilitation, analysis, reporting, design and presentation.

2016 May/June/July


CMP and DCI: large-scale tests where I did scripting, project management, recruitment, interviews, facilitation, analysis, reporting, design and presentation.


Usability and UX

Need systems that work well? You need some usability and user experience help

I design, arrange and conduct user testing and analysis, manage people and expectation, and hold meetings and workshops. I'm also an expert wireframer and prototyper, as well as crafter of user stories and journeys, personas and profiles, and other UX memoriabilia. I'm awesome at information architecture.

I put a lot of effort into making sure what I do is exactly what you need. Money-back guarantee.

Conceptual design

So many thoughts and ideas, so little time

Careful! Don't rush a good idea; you might set down the wrong or poorly thought through platform on which all your hopes of a killer app / awesome website / cool gadget / hippest door knob shall be crushed!

I run workshops and do analysis across those, speficiations, requirements, engange in user-centred design processes and otherwise orchestrate and direct ways to boldly move forward, then design and wireframe solutions in iterations or in whole.

Shopfront Solver

Is your shop working to its full potential?

Let me fix it for you by using spatial analysis, human cognitive mapping, psychology of color, contrast and space, coupled with analysis of lighting, sound and smells.

I come and work with you a couple of hours, then do a couple of days observation and analysis, and write up all my findings in an easy to understand and implement report.


Develop and produce

Getting technical and specific

I'm an expert in HTML, CSS, JS, (and yes, the whole HTML5 stack which is so hip these days) frameworks and browser compatibility, with over 20 years experience since the dawn of the internet. Want HTML5? No problem.

Frameworks I work in the most are Bootstrap, Foundation, and UIKit for the front-end, glued or otherwise mangled through JQuery, AngularJS, React, Mercury and BackBone.js, however don't let the shortlist stop you.

Design and interaction

Making sure the interface works

I do interaction design, screen design, colors and creative designs as well, always looking for a better way.

I also work closely with a handful of graphic artists I trust to make extraordinary designs based around sound UX principles.

Fixing the existing

Like glossy lipstick on an otherwise ordinary pig

Got some app or website that looks a bit outdated without any of the highfaluten glossy and spacious designs that all the cool kids are using these days? Feeling a bit left out, a bit dated?

I specialize in CSS and JQuery injection to make something old look new again, without you needing to change the underlying HTML or other source codes. Want a new coat of paint, but not the at the price of a rewrite?


What I can help you with

Managing thoughts and people

I'm a trained facilitator and coach, and can help you with making brainstorming and innovation happen smoothly, in organisations and companies alike. I also do the harder part of analysis and reporting on those concepts as well as manage agreement across different parties. Oh, and I'm a trained project manager with tons of years in traditional as well as agile methodologies, in case you need that, too.

Technologies and specialisation

When you're looking for something extra special

I'm an evangelist for Topic Maps and Semantic Web technologies, XSLT as a brilliant and effective way to deal with XML and markup, PHP developer (have created several frameworks, as well as having in-depth knowledge of some of the more popular ones).

I'm invested in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) movement, however I'm not a scare-monger. I used to write AI code for a living.

I have a penchant for highly optimised semantic databases and / or data models, and love to play with frames-based and noSQL systems as a result, playing with graph databases and toying with experimental query languages. Good fun.

Passions that might come in handy

I have hobbies

Libraries, knowledge management, philosophy (especially epistemology and metaphysics, with a love/hate affair with experimental philosophy), medieval martial arts and re-enactment, music (composer, performer), photography, social justice, science (especially cognitive science and neuroscience), movies (producing, directing) and music production, podcasting


Hour rate

Around AUD 100

As with all things, it depends on context, availability and location. I can be haggled, as well as radically lower rates for NFP and deserving projects.

Day rate

Around AUD 700

Also happy to offer fixed price for scoped projects. Also, my Shopfront Solver product mentioned above has a fixed price, still to be determined (but do ask).

In general

I'm awfully flexible

Discounts for longer engagements and for flexibility like working from home. I'm open to most things.


ThinkPlot UX consultant/designer and GUI developer with over 20 years experience for hire around Sydney, Australia. Reasonable and flexible prices, big or small jobs.
Kiama Downs NSW, Australia 2533
Sydney Sydney, Australia Antarctica Wollongong Kiama