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I've got something

  • Update the user interface
  • Improve performance
  • Upgrade legacy functionality
  • Integrate and extend otherwise locked systems

I'm using something

  • Create better user experiences
  • Improve the look and feel
  • Enhance internal and external processes
  • Design better into the future with science

I need something

  • Facilitate innovation
  • Research better data
  • Design with knowledge
  • Create with confidence


Here at ThinkPlot we value hard thinking, and we enforce that every project is given sufficient time to make sure we get it right. We also value science. Like, a lot. And we always think through the eyes of the user. Combined, this is UX.


UX is a dedication to building things that are created with the happy user in mind. We want to lower the bar to entry, generate repeat traffic and usage, and cultivate a natural and social way of spreading the word. It's all about designing products, processes, systems and interaction for the best user experience we can give them.

The User isn't always a customer; it can often be your own people in your organisation or company. Maybe a business partner. Or some 3rd party vendor? Maybe it isn't a person at all, but maybe a system somewhere using your API? An internal process? A shopfront, or retail space not used to its full potential?

We are a UX consultancy company. Everything we do is focused on the user experience, creating pleasant, easy-to-use, practical, functional, good looking solutions. No less, or your money back.


We facilitate workshops on ideas, innovation, conceptualisation and design. We optimise processes, design ontologies and semantic maps, we create order from the seemingly chaotic. We coach people in agile management. We'll make sure we use UX design processes to ensure happy, loyal, awesome users.

We analyse, write and design reports, we flesh stuff out in wireframes, and we create both static or working prototypes. We especially focus on proper user research, testing and reporting that we customise to fit right into your organisation.

We also create visual designs, websites, whole business systems, API's and SOA systems. We make things. Better.

Some choice clients

Westpac Telstra ING Direct Dept. housing NSW EPA Swedmed

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ThinkPlot UX consultant/designer and GUI developer with over 20 years experience for hire around Sydney, Australia. Reasonable and flexible prices, big or small jobs.
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Contact us for an informal chat about how we can help you out. We offer discounts to NFP's and worthy causes. We also help out startups, small businesses and individuals through flexible means of compensation, we're easy that way.