Think. Then plot.

Who we are

Alexander Johannesen

Alexander Johannesen

Principal consultant, founder

30+ years of professional experience as a usability addict, user experience nitpicker and a hobby philosopher. A technologist with extensive SOA, REST and ESB ideals, and a host of programming languages to back it up. A sought-after speaker on user interface, usability, and Topic Maps. A blogger and a writer, with interests in philosophy, photography, biology, cosmology and music, married and a father of 3 mostly charming kids.

Jonas Rundback

Jonas Rundback

Business management, UX consultant

Business Development Manager with 10+ years sales and management experience, and a few more in business analysis and development. Strategical thinker with a penchant for marketing and sales, and systems integration and networking. A lover of all things UX, and a practicer of most. Loves free diving, music, wine, and when pressed, his family. Piano forte.

Leslie Chiltham

Leslie Chiltham

UX consultant

Have 5+ years in the UX industry, mostly around design and interaction models. Lives with two cats, a snake, and a boyfriend, and priorities life in that same order. Loves photography, travelling, and film music.

We also partner with a number of freelance consultants and small companies across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne on a project by project basis.

Where we are

Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne

We operate in the oddly-shaped triangle between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne - travelling to your location - with a base near Wollongong. A lot of travelling makes us perfect for suburbian and rural UX testing and research.

Contact us

ThinkPlot UX consultants/designers and GUI developers with over 30+ years experience for hire around Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, Australia. Reasonable and flexible prices, big or small jobs.
Kiama Downs NSW, Australia 2533
Sydney Sydney, Australia Antarctica Wollongong Kiama

Contact us for an informal chat about how we can help you out. We offer discounts to NFP's and worthy causes. We also help out startups, small businesses and individuals through flexible means of compensation, we're easy that way.