Think. Then plot.

UX is a commitment to create things
with the happy user in mind

What is UX?

UX is all about rigerous research and facilitation; research your users, design a little, test that design, repeat until all users are happy.

We design, arrange and conduct user testing and analysis, manage people and expectation, and hold meetings and workshops. We're also an expert wireframers and prototypers, and we hand-craft user stories and journeys, personas and profiles, and other UX memoriabilia. We're awesome at information architecture.

It's all about designing products, processes, systems and interaction for the best user experience we can give our users, through rigorous research and facilitation.

What we do

Everything we do is focused on the user experience, creating pleasant, easy-to-use, practical, functional, good looking solutions. No less, or your money back.

We want to lower the bar to entry, generate repeat traffic and usage, and cultivate a natural and social way of spreading the word.

We facilitate workshops on ideas, innovation, conceptualisation and design. We optimise processes, design ontologies and semantic maps, we create order from the seemingly chaotic. We coach people in agile management. We'll make sure we use UX design processes to ensure happy, loyal, awesome users.

We analyse, write and design reports, we flesh stuff out in wireframes, and we create both static or working prototypes. We especially focus on proper user research, testing and reporting that we customise to fit right into your organisation.

We help people with parts or wholes of solutions to any given problem of usability, design, architecture, research and software development.

We make things. Better.

Usability and UX

Need systems that work well? You need some usability and user experience help. We put a lot of effort into making sure that what we do is exactly what you need. Money-back guarantee.

Here's what we can do;

Conceptualising through Facilitation, thinkmaps, information architecture, graphs, ontology forging, taxonomy development

Finding your users with profiles and personas, contextual research, UCD, analysis of all sorts of data. We specialise in suburbian and rural testing and research (ask us about our mobile testing vehicle).

Mapping your idea with user journeys, timelines, goal-driven mapping, funnels.

Sketching out your idea by wireframes, prototypes, either in high or low fidelity, native builds or tools-based.

Testing it through user testing (comprehensive or light) and expert reviews / heuristic reviews.

More about Design

Shopfront Solver

Have a shop, but don't know how to improve it, how to get more people into it, or maybe how to make more sales? Let us help you by using spatial analysis, human cognitive mapping, psychology of color, contrast and space, coupled with analysis of lighting, sound and smells.

We come and work with you to understand your needs and wants, then do a few days observation and analysis, and finlly present our findings in an easy to understand and implement report.

We often refer to this as the psychology of the cognitive; all things related to human cognition, that is what you see, hear, feel, touch, smell, and so on. Some senses are stronger than others, but they all play a part. So, do customers sense your shop in the way you intended them to? Or in a way that makes them want to spend their time - and hopefully their money - there?